The LLB course or Bachelor of Legislative Law is an undergraduate law course. The law is a unique set of categorized rules and regulations under which any society or country is governed. Just like its postgraduate degree i.e., LL.M., the course is unconventionally abbreviated as LL.B. The duration of the LLB course is 3 years, which allows the LLB curriculum to be divided into 6 semesters.

LLB is a degree obtained after the completion of three years of study from a Bar Council of India [BCI]-approved Law college. The minimum requirement to join the 3-year LLB course is graduation from any course/stream. The LLB course details and the admission process differ from college to college.

The LLB syllabus under the curriculum is designed in order to allow the intrinsic understanding and comprehension of the Indian legal system. The students are also trained in a comprehensive understanding of the balance between the Legislation, the Executive, and the Judiciary.

Possessing a degree in LLB course allows a person to take up an LLB job, i.e., enrol as a member of the legal fraternity and practice law in India. The LLB course is also offered as Bachelor of Law [B.L] in certain institutes or certain regions, for example, N.V.P. Law College.

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